AccuScreen OAE/ABR



AccuScreen offers any combination of all the standard infant hearing screening technologies, TEOAE, DPOAE and ABR, in one compact, handheld device.


  • Objective, reliable results in seconds
  • Handheld – weighs only 21 oz (600 grams)
  • Rechargeable batteries each provide up to 10 hours of continuous use
  • Ultra-lightweight infant probe (4 grams) features eartips as small as 4 mm
  • AccuLink PC database software
  • Offers a choice of 35, 40 and 45 dB stimulus levels for ABR testing
  • Ear coupler available for ABR testing

Flexible, reliable and accurate

The effectiveness of neonatal hearing screening programs is vulnerable to false referrals, which waste scarce healthcare resources. Fortunately, AccuScreen is so accurate and reliable that false referrals can be reduced to the minimum: for OAE, AccuScreen has a specificity of better than 96% giving a referral rate of max. 4%. And for ABR, AccuScreen has achieved a remarkable specificity of 98% and thus a referral rate of less than 2%.

AccuScreen also offers the flexibility of multiple screening technologies so that a two-stage screening program can be implemented with just one AccuScreen. Combined OAE and ABR screening has been proven to give the lowest referral rates.

All standard screening technologies in one screening tool

AccuScreen offers three types of screening technologies: TEOAE and DPOAE, in addition to the “gold standard,” ABR. Since individual screening programs vary greatly from hospital to hospital, the ability to conduct any (or all) of these types of screening ensures greater flexibility and eligibility for reimbursement.

Moreover, since our implementation of DPOAE and ABR can be used to screen patients of all ages, the total return on investment is much higher.

Immunity to noisy environments

Thanks to our unique Artifact Rejection System, AccuScreen is largely unaffected by common external influences, including hum from overhead lights and other electronic equipment, or in the case of ABR, non-related electrical activity from the brain or muscles. Shielded ABR cables further protect test performance from electrical interference.

As a result, AccuScreen functions effectively in screening environments where high levels of ambient noise cause most traditional equipment to fail.

Fast testing – and fast learning

AccuScreen is fast: when screening sleeping babies with normal hearing, a TEOAE test takes less than 10 seconds while ABR can be performed in 90 seconds. And the simple, menu-based user interface is easy to learn – even non-professionals can learn to screen accurately after a short introduction.

What’s more, a simple pass/refer result means there is no need for screening personnel to make subjective evaluations, so there is significantly less chance of human error and all screenings maintain consistently high standards.

Easy to clean probe

AccuScreen features a probe with a unique design, which is easy to use and easy to clean – the probe tip can be detached with a press of a button. The probe can automatically be checked on a daily basis to ensure trouble-free performance before screening
is started.

Managing infant screening data

AccuScreen lets you store the results from up to 250 individual patient tests in its own built-in memory, and interfaces to printers and PCs for full patient documentation.

To help you keep track of all that data, GN Otometrics provides AccuLink database software and an interface to OZ Systems’ tracking software (web-based e-Screener Plus and Windows-based SIMS). You can also export data to MS Excel for statistical analysis.


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